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My first experience with the Thompson Contender came about 1980 or 1981. I was visitning my daughter and son-in-law, and there was a man nearby who made custom barrels. So, my son-in-law and some of his friends gathered up a box full of barrels and introduced me to the TC.

I had started out with a .30-30, then a .30-40, and was on the .35 Remington. I squeezed one off only to have nothing happen. I eased my trigger finger alongside the trigger guard and waited one minute (more or less). Then I brought the gun up to about 45 degrees, holding with a two hand hold, when the pistol fired. The recoil whipped the gun back, the front sight caught me under the right cheekbone and I saw stars momentarily.

Seems the frames, which had been used for load developement had becomed battered and burrs had caused the hammer to sort of become stuck.

I did finish out the day, going all the way up to the .45-70, the largest they had at the time. But not with that frame.

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