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Originally Posted by The Op Asked
But if I were to use a single shot rifle where the magazine tube is not an issue, could I load pointed .308 caliber bullets in a 30-30 case?
There is no issue whatsoever with COL and loading spire point bullets for a single shot rifle, unless there is a short throat and the bullet contacts the lands of the rifling...

You MAY have an issue with a box magazine and COL, but single loading a single shot by hand seldom proves to be an issue...

I have been single loading 180 grain Remington Bronze Point bullets in my Marlin model 1893 .30-30, just to see if I could...

Hand feeding one at a time works fine, but the cartridge is too long to eject unfired (without prying the rim from under the extractor)...

Make sure that your chosen bullet will open (mushroom) effectively at .30-30 velocities...
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