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Originally posted by TheTinMan
The idea that an internal lock makes it OK to leave a loaded gun where a child could get it is simply irresponsible.

The idea that locking a gun with an internal lock makes it OK to leave it unsecured in your car or a hotel room is equally irresponsible.

If you own a firearm, it is your personal responsibility to ensure that it is either under your control or secured at all times. The ILS fails to meet my standards for "secured".

The basic concept that it is a bad idea to add a mechanism which could possibly cause my gun to jam when I need it most seems perfectly rational to me. Even if it is a one-in-a-million chance. That is a lottery I do not care to participate in.

I am mystified by Webleymkv's motivation here.
I'm not going to circle this tree again as it's become tiresome (that's why I stopped posting in this thread three weeks ago). I will, however, say that the insinuations about my motivation are becoming very bothersome. If anyone here wishes to accuse me of something, I sure wish they'd come out and do it rather than hint around about how "mystified" they are.
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