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Mossberg 4x4

Just to give some info for your decision making. My 14 y.o. son has two of the Mberg 4x4s, one is a 270 and the other a 7mm Rem Mag and he is deadly with both. Yesterday we sighted-in the 7mm and with six shots end up with the last 3 shots in the bullseye at 100 yards. These three were literally covered up with a quarter with two of them touching each other and the last one within a half inch. I'm fortunate enough that I could go out and spend a few thousand dollars on a rifle and not have to miss any meals, not bragging--just very fortunate and very thankful every day, but my next rifle is going to be one of these little Mossberg 4x4's. BTW the 270 shoots just as well.

I also have a Howa that I frequently use and yesterday put two rounds in the bullseye at 100 yards and they were touching each other. Needless to say I put the rifle in the case and left well enough alone. I generally suck at shooting so I know in these cases its the rifle making me look good.

Anyway, good luck with your purchase and Wal-Mart and Dicks will both order whatever you need if you ask.
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