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If my post was misunderstood let me be clear. I stated I revisited the type of training described and I did not find it practical for me. I also stated that I was less informed than many here. My purpose for carrying is not to show off my hobby, nor for work. It's only for protection and I practice according to what I feel would work for me and what's in my comfort zone. Its a personal choice I made / make, I also stated that practice in itself builds memory that will help should the need arise.
Very well said..

I am not against new ideas or specialized training.. training is a good thing. However, I will say that I am still and will always be one of those guys who drives a AR15 by grip'n the mag well and getting small behind the rifle. Its what I know, its what I learned on a static range shooting at pie plates in the 80's. No matter all the smerks and grins over the years, I have done just fine in any shoot/move or carbine courses I have attended. Maybe not as good as good as some of the youngens but a passing score all the same. Again, I am not against training, training is good. I am just not inclined to believe that a person with good common sense and average shooting skills is somehow helpless in the face of a 6 foot brick wall simply because no one has trained him how to get over it.
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