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More info on my Compound Spring

First of all, I was really careful with regard to spring placement before firing the pistol. Before shooting the pistol, I hand cycled the action several times and in the photos attached, you can see that the recoil spring has jumped entirely out of the normal seated position and is barely hanging on the barrel lug itself.

After I noticed this happening, I carefully inspected the compound spring and noticed that the washer on the end of the spring that would seat against the barrel lug had slightly rolled edges. This was an indication to me that the end retaining washer on the spring was a STAMPED part and was not a machined part like I see on many of the replacement springs that are for sale on the web. I'm not making any judgement at this time of the personal merits of the washer, but merely laying another piece of the puzzle on the table for consideration.

After observing this rolled edge and before ever shooting the pistol, I tried actually rotating the spring through it's horizontal axis to find the area of the washer, that under a magnifying glass, providing me with the GREATEST bearing surface area. When I was able to identify this area, I marked the washer on the spring so as to be always be able to reposition it in the horizontal axis with the most contact (Surface Bearing Area) against the C cut in the barrel retaining lug.

I then hand cycled the gun several times trying to obtain the best possible position for the spring with the rolled edge retaining washer. I also noticed that the spring washer was NOT resting entirely parallel to, or in 100% contact with to the broached C shaped cut out the retaining lug. I did notice that the spring was less likely to jump completely out of it normal position when located in it's best location! But, it ALWAYS moved up significantly out of the C area on the barrel lug after hand cycling the action a half dozen times quickly.

After hand cycling the action numerous time while rotating the recoil spring to different positions, I observed that my BEST location was my marked area of maximum bearing and that this area provided me with the best spring retention! This geometry was significantly better that the results that I had when rotating the spring 180 degrees and hand cycling the action.

I can assure you the spring was carefully seated in its proper position before ever firing the pistol a single time!

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