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First Time Hog Hunting

My wonderful husband has been guiding me on my first hog hunting experience and I find all of your posts so very enlightening...THANK YOU! Previously, I was strictly bow and arrow (Matthews) but after years of not seeing any bears worth shooting (won't shoot Mommies or Cubs), I decided to up my chances and step into the world of rifles. I am starting with a .223, knowing it might be small, but I feel comfortable with it, and my husband says that is what is important for now. My ultimate will be the 7mm Lady Savage Hunter but I digress. We have been enscounced in a tree stand for the past three evenings, and saw a group of five 122 yards away. I thought it was too far for my rifle, but it seems perhaps I was wrong. Am also interested in your successes early a.m. We hunt close to our house in the woods so that is a bit o' luck. For bait, we are putting down corn and right now I hear my husband popping some popcorn which they seem to LOVE. I told him we need to set up the camera at the sight so we can see when they are coming in, before we invest mega bucks in nighttime lighting contraptions. This is my first time on a forum, and I appreciate all of your comments, or possible tips. Again, THANKS!
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