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'Wachu got/Whachu want?/Giveu hunnerd bucks' goobers.
I love those guys! I can linger around a table pretending to look at something, while the "wachu got goober" gets the run down from the guy looking to sell something I might be interested in!! The Wachu got Goober never buys anything, so if I'm interested, I'll approach as the seller is walking away, dejected. In fact, at the last gun show I attended, someone was trying to sell a nice Imbel FAL for $700 - the Wachu got Goober let the guy walk away - I really didn't need another FAL (unless an original sear-cut FAL), so I let it go.

What I really hate are the "Ooglers". These are the gun show attendees that hover over you as you are looking at a gun you actually want to buy. Now, they wouldn't know a nice gun if it bit them, until you happen to be holding it, considering purchasing it. Then, the Oogler ooohhs and ahhhhs about the gun as you are checking it out, making the seller feel pretty bold about their price.

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