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Short Chambering a Barrel

Lately I've seen a few good prices on the savage target rifles, and I was thinking of picking up a fun little 6.5mm to do some long range shooting with. Well, I don't like the fact that only Hornady makes brass for the Creedmore, its hard to come by, and not great quality.
So I was thinking about the 6.5x284, only I want a more moderate chambering that is going to have longer barrel life.....

SO my question is, could I have a gunsmith turn (maybe 2 tenths) off of the barrel and off of a set of dies. So that I would be shooting a cheapo wildcat of sorts (6.5x284 short). That way I have Creedmore like case capacity, but with lots of quality brass available.

I know there are other routes I could go, like buying a custom barrel in 6.5x47 lapua, but would shortening the 6.5x284 as I described above be as simple as it sounds?
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