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I appreciate the honest response Sparks...again...just opening a discussion to folks from all walks and backgrounds. Hey if it gets shot to hell on here, thats a clear indication of what a handful of folks truly think. By the way....if it matters one bit I am a proud union member and dont go lightly in laws that impact my rights as a union member. Rights that were fought long and hard for and that directly impact things like collective bargaining. However, I am of the mind that people should always be open to reasonable negotiations. Maybe what I wrote is FAR from reasonable to some....I am just inviting open honest talks.

Please dont anyone take personal offense to what I wrote. Its just brainstorming to attempt to slow the face pace in which new gun owners can own a firearm. Maybe thats a stupid idea to some. To me I think its smart and again DOES NOT affect repeat, responsible gun purchases.

I do also agree with the above statement about straw purchases.

In fact, the jerkoff here in Philly who sold the illegal gun to a man who recently just shot and killed Officer Bradley Fox, a decorated ex-military turned police officer, is now being made a prime example for straw purchases.....I hope they come down HARD on this guy and throw everything in the books at him to set a tone.

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