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I know of SO many people who swear thier 223s and 22-250's are great deer guns. But personally I just can't imagine them working well. (lump the 220 swift in there as well)

My own experience is with a 22-250, I was hard up for a deer rifle one season, many years ago and took a 22-250 loaded with factory, blue box federal 55gr soft points into the field. 55gr Being the heaviest bullet I could get to shoot well out of my particular 1-14" twist barrel

I happened upon a large 10 point buck at a hair over 200 yards and put the crosshairs just under its chin (it was looking directly at me)
It dropped on impact, but quickly stood back up...I fired another into the same location and again it dropped only to immediately stand back up. This time it was broadside, but again I fired to the top of the neck/base of the skull.
The end result was a dead deer, but upon skinning it, I found that neigther of the frontal shots penetrated the windpipe through to the spine.

IF you have a fast twist barrel, you might make do with some of the heavier, harder bullets on the market such as the 60gr partition, but if I had to use a .224 caliber again, I would favor the heaviest barnes offering that the rifle could handle...and I would not shoot through the shoulder with any light/fast projectile.
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