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Thanks to everyone for the help. I went to the range again this weekend ( a different range at that), and let me just say that the quality/ comfort of the range helps tremendously. I shot at 100 yds again, but this time the target was a 3'x3' w/ 4 bulls eyes vice a 3'x1' with a 12"x12" target on it. Call it me not looking into things untill after the fact. To the point. I was shooting extremly low. About 3 feet low at that. After about 10 rounds i had walked it on close to the bullseye and spent another 10 getting in a 3" shot group. This was definately an experience for the books that I have learned form. I do have to add that I am glad that I upgraded to tru glow sights from the old factory sights. It makes a world of differance, and sight alignment comes a hell of a lot easier.
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