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Its just honest, open discussion guys...thats it.
I support my 2A rights as much as anyone else on here....I just feel that small measures for NEW gun owners could possibly help reduce some of the impulse purchases that lead to crime. I am of the mind that many crimes of passion or ill will begin with a fast gun purchase as long as the record is clean....and a "cool off" period could drastically help improve this. I guess in retrospect the notion of having a mental illness consultant would be totally un-workable. I do strongly support a small waiting period for NEW gun owners though. Since every gun purchase requires a state police background check...Im pretty sure it would be easy to tell if they were approved and bought a gun or not.

These proposals I thought up would target NEW gun owners, thats it

These sort of things need discussion in my opinion. Nothing is perfect, but in my opinion something has to be brought to the table. We cant have it all.

@ Al: I am working under the assumption that similar states follow PA license practices. I was able to go through the entire motions and attain my permit in under 3 days I believe. Went to the local court house, filled out the paperwork.....dropped off to my local sheriff office.....they called me to come pickup after 2 days. Went back to court house and got the license. 3 days

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