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I strongly endorse Gunsite as well ( Just spent a week there for the 250 course (5 day handgun). Plan on going back as soon as schedule/finances allow.

The pistol 250 class is apparently offered at a location in Tennessee for $1000, according to their schedule. Doing it in Arizona is more like $1500. I do not know what (if anything) is different between the two locations.

I have also heard good things about Thunder Ranch.

There are also travelling instructors of high quality who may be more likely to come to your area. The cost will be less, since travel costs will be reduced. You miss out on things like house clearing exercises, or other things that might require an established facility.

Three to look into:

Louis Awerbuck
Randy Cain
Massad Ayoob

Since you're in Cleveland, there is a group in Pittsburgh called the FIRE Institute ( that organizes training events of this sort that you may also want to look into.

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