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I remember the old gunzine article about The Upside Down Rifle, a .35 Marlin lever action with Zeiss scope. The owner said its brightness got him shots very early and very late in the hunting day.

A friend says the difference Leupold to Nightforce to March is discernable.
The price nearly doubles at each step. He says the Nightforce is worth it to him, a Long Range competitor, but while the March is very nice, it is not worth $2800 to him. It was to his neighbor on the firing line, though.

I am only now going through the stuff salvaged from my burned house after The Incident. The Leupolds are sooty and stained outside, clear inside. Other makes, mostly not. So you do get what you pay for, to some extent at least.

That said, my next scope will likely be a Sightron III or Vortex Viper. That is where the current prices balance out against my expectations.
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