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One more thing. Why would you expect to find a real "deal" on something, anything at a show? You just PAID to get in the door to buy something. You WANT to buy something. Why should the seller cut his price?
I still like going to gun shows too. I arrive at 10 to 11:00 on Sunday, see everything first, and then by 1 or 2, go back to see things I was interested in. You can find good deals at gun shows at 7:00 Saturday (while everyone is setting up) and Sunday afternoon. I don't have anything to sell, early Saturday is out. If you are a private person who has been sitting at a gun show table for 2 days, without selling anything, and along comes someone with enough money to actually buy something, and is reasonable in what he offers, there's a good likelihood that seller is going to want to sell.
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