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A guy I grew up with has a PT92 that has been running like a top since it came on the market, and I've owned a couple revolvers that functioned well enough I guess. One in particular, a 5-shot revolver in 9mm never did come close to grouping as well as the .357 or several .38's I had. But, for whatever reason, I never had a revolver from them that had what would be called a show-stopping or catastrophic failure. I did have for a short time a Millenium 9mm that had a way oversized firing pin hole in the breechface (bought new). I seem to recall trading that to a GS friend for some tools or such. Now, there's been two separate Millenium compact .45's that's been getting traded around my dept (for whatever reason) and the magazine release is out of whack. The clips keep falling out. One of them has had the mag release replaced, and it still won't hold the clip high enough to chamber a round unless upward pressure is applied to the clip's base plate.

A retired friend asked me to detail clean a small tip-barrel .22 Tauri he picked up from who-knows-where. It had seriously been abused and hamered on and had a crack in the upper left side of the frame in the mag well, and a small crack with missing metal in the lower left side of the mag well/grip area. I don't know the story of that particular pistol before it was beat to death, but I did direct my friend to a source of a new purchase. He chose a Kel-tec the second go around.

I figure, my experiences are just a drop in the bucket for both pro's and con's of the brand name. Funny thing is- I don't really bash them. When someone asks my opinion of them- I give it as I see it. In that sense, I tell them that it's my experience that there are much better options available, but I also try to understand where they stand financially. If they have nothing at all for defense, and can't afford anything else that's available locally- I certainly don't recommend they remain defenseless. I also realize not all folks spend as much reange time as they probably should. I guess it's my hope that their Taurus will work for them when they need it. But either way, who am I to do anything other than offer words of experience and suggestions? After all, I still have friends who buy High Points and old worn out Llama's.
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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