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IME, the clarity of the optics will make it easier to see your target or whatever is downrange than will magnification. Further, if you are shooting from field positions, the higher the magnification, the harder it is for me to connect.

Typically I am using shooting sticks, and from the sticks, or from a sling supported position about 7x is all I can hold before the bobbing and weaving of the crosshairs becomes distracting.

If shooting from a benchrest, then I can utilize higher magnification, which will typically get me a little better grouping than will a lower magnification scope.

That's what's neat about variables. There is something in there for everybody. I don't think you will go wrong with the 4.5-14x Nikon.

Lastly, IME, coyotes often pop up at really close ranges. The higher your magnification, the more likely you will be to see only fur in the scope and be unable to discern your target with a close in coyote, which may end in a miss. I set my scopes to the lowest possible magnifications when initiating a calling sequence, and if I see one at great distance that hangs up, but is within my shooting range, then I will dial up the magnification to where it needs to be to assure a killing shot.

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