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I would also agree with the former poster----- 6.8!

I went through the same delimma

I looked at 308 first, but went to the 6.8

With an AR, you are probably going to hang a few things like scope, light,
and other things

When you take the AR10 platform, you will very quickly get a 10-14lb weapon

The AR15 platorm starts significantly lighter, if your walking around the extra 2-4 pounds start to wear on you.

The 6.8

Hits 80% of the 308
Hits much harder than 223
Is an excellent hunting round for deer sized animals (I bought mine for pigs)
Still have the ability to use a 22 upper, or 223,
Uses the lighter 270 projectiles

A huge positive to me is the ability to use parts from any manufacturer on AR15s. The 308 AR is not that interchangeable, as all the manufacturers seem to have differnt standards.

There are several manufacturers coming out with cheaper ammo for the 6.8 (Tula, Federal)

The downside on 6.8, there isnt any on the shelves, its ususally an internet buy, for now.

The 300BLK seems like a good option as well, especially if you want to run subsonic and use a can.

The 6.8 out-performs the 300BLK, at all distances, so thats why I went 6.8

As a reloader, there are a huge amount of loading options on the 6.8. The Hornady SST 120g is a thumper

Good luck!
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