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My take on caliber accuracy

I'm up in the air when it comes to my favorite caliber. For me it's a toss up between the 9, the 40 and the 45. Some have said that the 45 is more accurate. I'm just a guy that loves to shoot and loves, my guns. I can only go on my personal experience, but I haven't found one to be more accurate than the other. What I have found is that accuracy has much more to do with the gun than the caliber. I have discovered CZ's in a BIG way lately. Prior to this, my W.German made Sig P226 9mm was the most accurate gun I had ever shot. To the point that the first time I ever entered any kind of competition shoot, I won. It was just a fun shoot this range close to me puts on, but still, I won. With a stock Sig. And there were quite a few tricked out 1911's and Glocks there. Well about four months ago I bought my wife a CZ P01. I fell in love with this gun the second I picked it up. The ergonomics on my Sig are perfect, but the CZ's are beyond perfect, and it's accuracy matched my Sig. I then got a P06 (.40). Same thing. It'll shoot circles around my H&K Compact .40 which is now for sale. Next came my 97 BD .45. It outshoots my Colt MKIV. My Compact 75 just came in last week. Haven't shot it yet. My 83 came in 3 days ago. Haven't shot it yet either. My 75 Kadet will be here in 3 days. Did I mention I went a little nuts over CZ's??

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