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Let's go down the list one by one.

A mandatory waiting period of 10 days from point of interest until permission to purchase the gun and pick it up.
There is no evidence whatsoever that waiting periods have any effect on violent crime. Criminals don't tend to buy their guns at retail, and the only effect is to make things harder on the law abiding.

A VERY strict examination/interview where applicants are screened using a universal standardized test of sorts.
Who decides the criteria for a "universalized" test? I can tell you it will be arbitrary and unfair.

Every gun store will have an expert on duty with extensive training in mental health to properly evaluate each applicant's body language and communication.
I run a gun shop. I know how thin profit margins are. I can tell you that there is no way the average shop could afford the salary of a consultant with qualifications like you're proposing. This would make it impossible for shops to do business.

Have you ever met a sociopath? I have. They can ace personality tests. They can ace lie-detector tests. The very people you seek to prevent from owning firearms won't be deterred in the least.

Furthermore, folks who are just plain eccentric (or nervous about taking confrontational and intrusive tests) will give false positives, and they'll be punished unfairly.

A NEW gun buyer would have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of proper gun handling and safety practices, obviously each instance would be different depending on the type of firearm.
Again, we're down to the logistics of administering such a test. You've just turned a five-minute transaction into a 30-minute transaction, and again, we're talking about piling on the dealer's payroll.

One last point: why should we have to even give ground on this? This isn't 1996. We're winning, and we don't have to make these sorts of concessions any more.
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