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Hello all,
I try and go to the range every Saturday with some friends, but the range charges non-members $10 and makes them fill out a Hold-non-Libel form every time.
I took a woman friend out and her boyfriend out to let them shoot some revolvers and a Marlin in 357 Mag. and show them the various action types of .22 LR and she liked it so much that joined the range, the NRA and bought an SP101 in 357 Magnum.
My buddy who I had been educating about firearms and taking to the range for years seemed to forget how to aim and shoot.

Last year we were shooting pistol, and he not very well, when I bet him lunch on the next target. Well he did well enough that we tied so he didn't have to buy me lunch.
But here lately he has been a really bad shot, and I can't figure out why. He knows the fundamentals and I have had him give the safety lecture with the four rules, I'm just frustrated and don't know what to do but keep taking friends out and going over all the fundamentals as if they had never heard them before.
Sorry for the rant, but I'm just frustrated.

Happy shooting
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