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My 2 cents worth. I was ( and you can check ) one of those guys that said BS on a high dollar scope for years. I now own one and i can tell you one thing for sure. It is only worth it depending on what your going to do with it.
The main difference you get is tracking ability. Clarity and Glass ( hog wash)
If you buy a low power scope,even the cheap ones are as crisp as a whistle on low power,so don't buy into that hype. If you sight your rifle in at say 200 yards and use hold over from there,go with a cheap scope as it will serve you more than good enough. Tracking is the main difference in scopes. Take your cheap scope ,zeroed at say 200 yards,count the clicks to say 400 yards and chances are you will be way to the left or right,then when you click back it will probebly need to be re-zeroed again. A good scope. click up,you go up click back and your right back to zero again. My 223 ( Yote rifle) has been sporting a cheap NCStar scope for 4 years now and has never failed me yet. Never have had to re zero it,never have to do any thing with it. It is zeroed at 200 yards ( And never gets Moved ) and i use hold over from there. My 6MMBR ( 8-32 x 56 Sightron ) zeroed at 300 and 32 clicks,dead on at 600 back 32 clicks and dead on at 300 again.
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