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Haaa, admins sure made their point which I agree is MUCH more complex than:
"you break into my house, now I can kill you dead..."

Some folks think that because they own gives them a James Bond type license to kill.

People assume much these days. The law isnt always on your side as I stated way back. Nobody wants to kill, or possibly spend time in prison as a result over a stupid break-in or ATTEMPTED break-in. Thats why a home defense plan should be protect YOU as much as your house! I have a bit of work to do based on some of the GREAT feedback Ive seen here.

Right now I have ADT security on both doors and a motion sensor, all windows locked and a motion sensor near the garage. I plan to install 2 more on both sides of the house. Perhaps a dog in the near future....once my cat decides to check out from natural causes. Thanks guys
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