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Not for me, and not for the majority of people out there: the difference between a $1,500 scope and a $500 scope can not be appreciated by someone that spends less than $1000 on ammo for that gun in a year.

I'll go further out on that limb: the difference in accuracy between a $1.5K scope and a $35 used Deerfield won't put your average one-boxer on target on a milk jug at 300 yards from a sitting position ..... "it's the man, not the machine". Without a bipod/sandbags and a bench, most of the guys that talk the "Spend more on your glass than your gun" stuff, can't hit an 8x10 target past 300.

"Spend more on glass than the gun"? How 'bout spend more on gun fodder than both of 'em together?
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