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I've had a 220 Swift since the 1980's, and it was and is a heck of a shooter. Naturally, I just had to try it on deer. I had some spectacular kills and some less than ideal ones. With the bullets available back then, it just wasn't a deer rifle. These days I still hesitate to call it a deer rifle, but you do at least have some bullets that'll do the job. The Nosler 60 gr Partition is probably the best bullet to use for deer, though maybe some of the Barnes bullets will work well also. The 63 grain Sierra Gameking was the bullet I chose for pigs and it worked real well, and probably would work Ok on deer. Another possible choice would be the 65 grain Sierra Gameking, though you'd have to see if it stabilized in your rifle. According to the folks at Sierra, they say it has the same bearing surface as the 63 grainer, so maybe it will stabilize. I've meant to try and see, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
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