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Had a 9mm blow the back of the cartridge out along the rim? What the heck?

100 grain LRN Bullet
5 grains of win 231
R-P 9mm Luger Case(Maybe reloaded 2-3 times)

I was shooting a Taurus PT92, felt a little bit of powder blowback hit my cheek, looked at the chamber and the round hadnt ejected all the way. Pulled the round out, slide was fine and moving freely but the little lever/rail piece that cocks the trigger(on the side of the gun) was jammed up, had popped out of place. So trigger and hammer were seized up.

I investigated the casing and found it had blow out a small bit right after the rim. Rest of the case look positively fine actually.

Cant really double charge it since its a 9mm, and i weigh the powder every 15 rounds or so and everything was always within margins...

So, cant figure this one out.

Either I screwed up somehow,
It was bad brass
Or something is wrong with the pistol and the slide wasnt closed all the way/locked?

Anyone care to help me out? Thanks.
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