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own both...

Bought the LCP first, found it to be the most diificult to shoot of any handgun I have tried (I own more than a few). No sights to speak of, really long trigger pull, and a snappy handful. Changed the recoil spring and put a Crimson Trace on it, and it stays... it is a true pocket pistol that disappears in a Nemesis in my jeans pocket or anything else I wear-so it can always be with me. That is, when the LCR isn't in a High Noon tuckable IWB like it is right now. My first revolver, and shooting this, I don't understand those who feel the recoil is harsh. I've used at least a half dozen different loads in this, including 2 of Buffalo Bore's offerings. Grab it like you mean it, and you can shoot it all afternoon. Nice trigger (agree with the potential shortstroking comment though). Mine is the night sight version, very usable, and I bought the boot grip to put on it-the standard grip is easier to shoot with and more comfortable, but a bit bigger. I enjoy shooting the LCR, I tolerate shooting the LCP. Considered selling the LCP at one point, but wouldn't get out enough to be worth not having it- it is good for its intended role- deep concealment. I have carried the LCR in a pocket holster as well-there's obviously something, but not obviously a gun. Bottom line, I suspect other semiautos may work for the same job better than the LCP, but from what i hear about shooting metal snubbies, it does't sound like the LCR would be easy to beat if you're thinking revolver.
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