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Well, it is back from High Standard, and I can't say I'm thrilled. It was returned in dirty condition with gun shot residue and copper fouling in the barrel - again. (It was originally shipped new from the factory in dry condition, no lubrication, the same way with an empty shell in the box!). I looked at the back of the gun and nothing had been done about the hammer/slide/frame misalignment (see photo). I put a clip in and tried to chamber a round and the slide jammed coming forward (see photo). The bullet had not even contacted the feed ramp, so I don't think polishing is an issue. When I manually pushed the slide forward, I could get it to chamber. I fired 6 total shots. Of those, the slide only came half way forward in chambering the 3rd round, and the last round coming out of the magazine failed to chamber at all and stovepiped (see photo). I bought a Wolf recoil spring which appears longer and stronger (see photo) as others have suggested. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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