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Too vague a survey to really give any constructive feedback. For example the least expensive Swarovski from Midway is $750, least expensive Leupold is $183. Big difference! If your're comparing the higher end of Swarovski or Leupold to low end scopes then there's a big difference in clarity, light throughput and often eye relief. I think scopes, like so many things can often be graded on a curve. The difference between a $60 Simmons and a $150 Redfield is quite noticeable in clarity, eye relief and light gathering in low light. I will never again use Barska, BSA, Tasco or Simmons. At the same time I'm not likely to spend 10x the cost of Simmons ($600) on a scope.

Most scopes I have are around $300-350 such as the Leupold VX-II, Nikon Monarch. I have a couple $150 Redfields which work quite well and are great for the money; that being said to me the difference with the Monarch is huge. Eye relief is better, range of eye relief and low light clarity.
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