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Depends on your needs. Also you're lumping together some $200 scopes with $2000 scopes and calling all of them super expensive. Not sure of your definition of super expensive.

Here is my take. I cannot think of a single sub-$200 scope that is a good value. There are a few that are acceptable, but there are options costing only a little more that are significanlty better and I think it foolish to spend $150-$175 when only a few dollars more gets you a significantly better scope. At this price range $50 makes a huge difference.

The most scope for the money falls into the $300-$500 price range. Less expensive scopes may get the job done, but once you get up to the $300 range you get much clearer, sharper glass. Images that are in focus all the way to the edge, not just in the middle of the image. Better eye relief. Precise adjustments. Many cheaper scopes may move the POI in unreliable incements making zeroing the scope difficult. Better weatherproofness, more durability, especially on heavy recoiling rifles. And much better light transmission in low light.

As you go up in price the quality comes in smaller and smaller increments. If you need it, it is worth it. For my needs a $300-$400 scope will do everything I need a scope to do. I'd be perfecty happy with my $330 Leupold VX-2. But there are others who need, or want more performance. I have more expensive VX-3's and a couple of Zeiss scopes. Yes they are better, but not enough for me to spend the extra. Wouldn't do it again.

I have heard scope building compared to race car building. A mechanic can put together a 180 mph car for only few thousand dollars. To get one that will run over 200 mph might cost close to a million That last 20mph is extremely expensive. Same with scopes.
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