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I've been to a class where this was taught. The instuctor was one of those guys decked out in all the gear and was glock this glock that he was a glock ad, he had no time or use for revolvers at all, plus I thought he winked at my wife. So basically I checked out and did not really give what he was teaching a chance. After revisiting the method I still think it's not pratical in self defense for me.

Many of you may have way more knowledge about it than me, ex military or police and some may have had to shoot a bad guy, but I'm just carrying for self defense and I pratice what I think is pratical.

7' to 12'
First as I reach for my gun eyes on target and background, step left or right.
Next bring gun up to target, fire 2 shoots, move left or right
Fire backup shoots if needed, look for cover.

5' or less
Reach for gun step to side eyes on target
Bring gun on target create motion, push, throw keys, with weak side hand. fire 2 shoots.
Change position kneel, shift/step to side fire back up shoots.

This just works for me in my midset of a self defense, but it's practice, if it came down to it I am not at sure what I would use/do all I know is I got a weapon and I'm prepared to use it to stop a threat. I do know the pratice will build memory.

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