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I own revolvers in both 45 Colt & in 357 mag. - - I prefer the 45 Colt (and the 44 Special). The reason comes down to muzzle blast. Like a lot of shooters, I have experienced some high frequency hearing loss (while hunting, when my stocking cap interfered with the seal on my electronic ear muffs. Everyone is different in terms of their sensitivity to loud noises according to my hearing doc). The sound energy levels of the 45 Colt are half that of a 357 mag. In a hunting or target range situation where you have your ear plugs or muffs, it doesnt matter so much. But in a quickly moving emergency situation where you need to use your gun Now, I choose to use the very effective bigger bore guns that do the job at much lower pressures. Youre a lot less effective in a self defense situation if youre deaf ! For these reasons I tend to use the 45 Colt and 44 Special in my field and self defense revolvers.
My first handgun was a .357 Magnum. There's a lot I like about the cartridge, but I don't shoot them much now.
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