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For me...

- .22 LR. I own one a rifle for practical reasons (pest control? I don't know). I probably haven't fired it in 3 or 4 years. Handgun wise? I'd rather fire 50 center fire cartridges than 500 .22 LR...teaches you trigger control, but teaches you nothing about recoil managment. Boring to shoot.

- .380. Not very powerful, small powder charges, cases can be crushed easily my press, etc. Dropped this one completely. I like .38 Special better, or 9mm in a heavier gun.

-.40 S&W. I load this one for a G20 with a conversion barrel because the brass is cheap, but it can't do anything the 10mm won't do the same or better. If it disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't care. This cartridge exists only because of it's short case dimensions.

- .45 ACP. It's cheaper for me to buy 10mm projectiles than .45 and there is no difference in power. I load it for an antique revolver, which I like better than the cartridge, sometimes as .45 auto rim. I rarely shoot this one.

- .45 Colt. I load this for a friend. Dislike this cartridge, doesn't work well at standard pressures, unless I'm using heavy bullets with fast burning powder. I'm not a fan of the grip of the single action army, either. I'd rather just stick with .44 special/.44 magnum. I might fire 50 cartridges a year.

Ones that I really love...

- .38 Super/.38 Super comp. Great power and versatilliy. Same cost to load as 9mm.

- 10mm Auto. Again very versatile and provides magnum power from an automatic.

- .357 magnum/.38 special. Cheap to reload in my revolvers, fun to shoot.

- .44 magnum/.44 special. Excellent in lever action carbines or revolvers.

Indifferent to, but shoot a lot of...

-9mm. I shoot a lot of it, because it's cheap to load and chambered in a lot of different weapons. If I could get the same pistols in .38 super with a slightly longer grip, then that would be my choice.
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