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Plus the 300blk doesn't make ANY sense in a bolt action. It makes sense in an AR-15 because of mag size constraints. But in a bolt action, you might as well just get one in 30 carbine..... People have all sorts of reasons for wanting a bolt action in 300blk. few hold any water.

Only use it for plinking and want something with the same trajectory as your ar-15. = this one is BS unless you have the same length barrel on both, which you dont.

Dont want the expense of reloading another caliber = BS for obvious reasons, "why didnt you just stick with .223 if cost is such an issue" being one of them...

Light recoil = There are plenty of "real" hunting cartridges with light recoil, sissy man.

Only hunt under 150 yards = Even discounting un-hunting-like accuracy, 300blk is not a good hunting cartridge, velocity is to low to really expand a .30 cal hunting bullet at any useful range. Yea I know people do hunt with them, but my dad has taken deer with .30 carbine and the .22 rimfire has probably accounted for more game than any other single cartridge in history, but then, you dont hear about the wounded and lost game, do you?

Lots of others I have heard, and probably some I havent....

The only one I have heard that makes a lick of sense is "because I can"..... Not because its useful, but rather, because its my gun and I will chamber it any way I like, thank you very much....
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