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I put a Leupold 3x9 vx1 on my first M1a, a loaded. For the same exact purposes you are talking about, hunting and punching paper out to 300. It has worked just fine. I read a lot on here about that you shouldn't mess around with anything cheaper than a vx2, but that is definitely not my experience. Hell, I've had a Leupold rifleman 4-12 ( their cheapest model) on a 300 win mag for 7 years now ( probably about 400 rounds) and have never had to change zero.

I just picked up a 1986 National Match M1a that came with a shepherd P3 scope on it. They are a little pricy to buy new, but the one shot zero system is pretty cool and it works as advertised. This comes in handy when switching from one ammo to the next.

Good luck!
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