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I've pretty wel lost interest in the 45 auto. I carried and shot them years ago, but ho-hum performance on game with ball ammo (contrary to popular belief), and the general higher level of utility of revolvers as field guns has me pretty apathetic about 45 autos for any purpose. That I generally shoot revolvers, both SA and DA, better than the 1911 has some bearing as well.

I never became a huge fan of the 357. Once I got shooting much, I liked larger calibers better, especially the difference in muzzle blast between the 357 and larger calibers, and the end result performance. It took less velocity and muzzle blast to get decent results on game with larger calibers like the 44 spl, 44 mag (with medium loads mostly) and 45 Colt than it did with the 357. I think it's a fine cartridge, I just dont care for the muzzle blast aspect.
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