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"... your manual sounds like it's out-of-date. "

No manual is 'in-date' for any rifle except the one used to develop the listed data. That's why it's important for us to follow the one instruction that actually matters, "Start low and work up ....." etc.
It's possible. For example, Alliant now says NOT to use Blue Dot for .41 Magnum and certain loads in.357 magnum. I sure lots of older manuals out there have those loads listed.

I also had an older Sierra manual with .44 magnum loads that were probably 25% over the powder manufacturers current data...and this was not "Ruger Only" info, either. Even if you started 10% under you would produce an overcharge. That manual is now in the landfill.

The point is, for new reloaders, it's best for them to start with the newest manual they can find and fresh components.
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