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Two things: One, the original RCBS case lube works just fine, is still available (last time I looked) and will last just about forever. I'm just like csAdonis and bought 2 squeeze bottles, thinking that I'd probably run out eventually. I was right, but it was over two decades, and over that time I never had a stuck case. Two, I think you guys are getting a bit overexcited about the dangers of having Hexane in RCBS case lube. In minute concentrations it won't hurt you at all. My years in oil refineries and chemical plants had me in contact with hexane and other chemicals every day for many years. Yes, the MSDS gives dire warnings, but that's pretty normal for an MSDS. They've gotta give you all the potential bad news so that you'll be officially warned. Just think of all the pills that guys like me in their 60's take. Per the TV ads, they usually only do one good thing for you, but the potential side effects are numerous and scary.
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