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Hey Bushmaster,

If you're wanting to know a little about the Dragoon, I think that it does have a slightly shortened arbor, but not enough to really effect much. There aren't any cylinder drags, but the fit and finish on the exterior is not perfect. In fact, my 1860 Pietta has a considerably better fit and finish on the exterior than does the Cimarron. The brass on the Dragoon looks cast and not forged from a solid block and as such the joining surfaces are kinda blah against the frame. Additionally, there's a couple voids/pits near the hammer. The Pietta doesn't have these problems and the fit of the Pietta is MUCH better.

Internally, is where things take a turnaround. The internals feel much tighter on the Cimarron than the Pietta. Lockup on the Cimarron is much more positive than the Pietta.

An interesting note is that I posted an issue with gas cutting the arbor on the Pietta, but after 60 rounds of 40 grains of 3fg I haven't seen so much as a mark on the arbor of the Cimarron.

Overall, I would have to say that the $180 price for the Pietta 1860 was a better deal given the negatives of a Cimarron. Howvever, pricing is kinda moot since Pietta doesn't make a Dragoon
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