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Or, the ultimate:

You’re looking at the largest revolver in the world – The Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Zeliska revolver is an Austrian single-action revolver produced by Pfeifer firearms. It is the largest handgun in the world, weighing in at 6.001 kilograms (13.23 pounds) and having a length of 55 cm (21.65 inches). The cylinder section alone weighs 2.041 kg (4.5 pounds).

The Zeliska is also the most powerful handgun in the world, producing a muzzle energy of over 6 kilojoules (4425 pound-force foot). The weight of the gun helps control the recoil, making controlled shooting possible. The capacity of a Zeliska is five .600 Nitro Express or .458 Win Mag rounds.

The Zeliska fires a .600 Nitro Express slug at 462m/s (1,515.75 ft/s). The cost of a Zeliska revolver is over $16,000. Each .600 Nitro Express round costs $40, making this gun very expensive to fire.

Loading is accomplished through a loading gate located on the right of the cylinder, similar to the Colt Single Action Army

Added features to the gun include gold-plated hammer, cylinder pivot, action, and the gold-filled inscription on the gun indicating the company’s address.
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