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had one lc9 sold it

I had an LC9 and sold it. Couldnt get used to the trigger. It never failed me, never jammed and seemed accurate if I could manage the trigger. It is nice and thin but really on the high side (weight and dimensions) of pocket carry. My G27 is similar in length and height but thicker and heavier but it does carry the 40 over the 9 and more rounds to boot. I havent tried the shield yet but hear it is a fine gun and you can get it in 40 but I think it is a tad bigger than the LC9. It is a little too new to say if it will be reliable yet. Most of the time I carry my reworked Kel-tec 380. It is just so light and small and easy to carry. If I feel I need more I go add the G27.
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