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why not a G23 with conversion barrel in 9mm

If I could have only one handgun it would be a gen4 G23. The only issue with the G4 19 was the recoil spring. They wanted some extra tension on the 40 and thought they could get away with it on the 9mm. The walmart white box ammo is just loaded too soft and would not kick the slide back. Glock tries to make multiple calibers run the same spring. That keeps cost and inventory down. Get the G23 and you can rebarrel it to 9mm or 357 sig as well as a 22lr kit. Keep a couple of your 9mm mags and use them in the G23. I have a gen2 g19 and it only jammed once in 18 years of usage and that was a hand load, my fault. My current favorite carry gun is a gen4 g27. I have only put 500 factory loads through it so far, but has been flawless. I really like the new grip design and size with no inserts added. And while I have 3 Glocks currently and do like them a lot. I also have several other handguns and most are great guns too. It's just so easy to work on Glocks, parts are everywhere and most are interchangeable between models and calibers. Holsters and accessories are easy to find too. Glock does have a hard time accepting blame for the problems but they will fix them if they occur. S&W has made some great guns over the years but they have had more than their share of problems and they tend to change models so often that it is hard to keep up with them. The new body guard 380s end up back on the shelf used more than any gun I have seen in recent years. Stick with known good models if you get a Smith.
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