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Min OAL vs Max OAL

Brief history before my situation:
I used to have the Lee Turret press, used it for reloading my 9mm. Due to finances and other issues I sold it and greatly reduced my shooting. Never had any issues.

Now I bought the hand press from Lee to reload for my .222 and .223 and am working on the .222 load.

The load data says 2.130 Min OAL

I can get it down to 2.176, but my ocp is kicking in, I would prefer to get it closer. To top it off the hornady book puts it a COL 2.130, as does the LEE Reloading 2nd ed.

Here is my concern; the sheet that came with the dies (also from Lee) says MAXIMUM OAL 2.130

Obviously I am reducing the loads by 10% and working my way up, but with the difference in bullet depth I am concerned.

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