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Your poll should have been separated into revolvers and pistols as there is a distinct difference, at least from my experience. Over the years, I've owned/ still own over a dozen Taurus revolvers and a half dozen Taurus pistols. Every one of the revolvers worked without fail. Every one of the pistols, with the exception of the PT92 had issues. Who knows - maybe I was lucky with revolvers and unlucky with pistols.

As a side bar, I recently picked up a Taurus 66 4" and a Rossi R971 4". Both are 357. The Rossi outshot the Taurus by a mile. Ironic as heck 'cause the Rossi was made on old Taurus equipment whereas the Taurus 66 was produced on new equipment.

Going back to the revolvers - the newer ones are a little rougher on the finish but no other issues. I would trust a Taurus revolver with my life. With a Taurus pistol, not so much. I don't have a single Taurus pistol.
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