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Purely in the FWIW, "What works for me" department:

On bolt-action rifles--and so far, those with wood-stocks--I free-float the forearm. I use a 3/4" strip of kitchen wax paper, folded back and forth, to make a shim. I try for no more than a five-pound pull to separate the barrel and forearm to insert the shim at the front end of the forearm. I trim the excess paper with a razor blade.

It has pretty much always helped reduce group size, and I commonly get sub-MOA afterwards.

My uncle's theory about this, from long, long ago, is that the shim acts much like the shock absorbers on a car, damping the spring vibrations. (Which, I guess, is why the Limeys call them "dampers".)

Much cheaper that a BOSS or other add-ons, and not visible.
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