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Depends a lot on the person I think...

To me, the .45 Colt makes a dandy defence round in town and out. Has for a lot of years too... And a hunting round if that is something you like to do in a revolver that can handle it.... It's noise level is 10 times less than the .357Mag (of course you can load down to .38s) . Plus I like the history of the round. Does everything I will ever need doing .... Big and slow is the way to go... I have my .22s for a lot of cheap target practice. So for me, I skip the peanut round and move up the big bore for most of my shooting.

To someone else the .357 does what they need doing and will argue the point vigorously. To me the only thing going for the .357 is ammo is more available. Cheaper too. I reload so that isn't as big an issue. Also, if recoil is an issue the .38/.357 is the way to go. At the range, I had a person shoot my .45 Colt BH and he said he'll stick with his peanut round. His choice .

Glad we have choices as we all have a person preference. Oh, I actually prefer to have both calibers in my stable . My wife likes the .38/.357 . So does my dad as he doesn't like the higher recoil of the big bores (any more) . But as for me ...
A clinger. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Single Action .45 Colt (Sometimes improperly referred to by its alias as the .45 'Long' Colt or .45LC). Don't leave home without it. Ok.... the .44Spec is growing on me ... but the .45 Colt is still king.
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