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To me, this looks like 2 guns:

The 357 mag would be a S&W 19(or bigger) 4". It is a very versatile gun in the target shooting, SD, HD realm, but limited in hunting. Limited as in I like to be able to hunt out to ~75 or so yards when thinking about deer. I would have a hard time shooting over 50 at a deer with a 357 magnum. A 6" would add to this. 38 special is super accurate ammo, in general. In a good, K to N frame 357 magnum, I think accuracy could be superb like 2.5 - 4.0 at 50 yards!

To me, 45 Colt is best bought into as a Ruger SA(I prefer the Bisley grip with heavy loads). In a Ruger SA w/ 45 ACP cylinder, you could happily shoot anything from 185 gr SWC's at 800fps - 325gr hard cast at 1300 fps. IME, you will need 2 - 3 front sights for this range. I have 2. The 1300 fps 300gr cast loads just had that much recoil! I think this because it is an SA is kind of meaningless as an SD, HD or CCW. It is a fine wilderness packing gun or general outdoor work gun. It will likely have fine accuracy to 100 yards or so, depending on your ability to hold it. It will have the power to take most north american big game and all small game. Really too much for small game.

If I lived in town and was leaning towards Range,SD, HD and CCW, I would go S&W 13/65.

If I wanted a ranch/outdoors packin piece, I would go Ruger SA in a 5.5" or 7.5".
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