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Originally Posted by tahunua001
the brittle recievers were caused by a primitive heat treatment process and for the most part many of the ones prone to failure have been weeded out over the past 100 years
The problem was the method of checking temperature of the metal. They simply eyeballed it, a experienced eye can tell the temp very close by the color of the metal. These old armories relied on natural lighting to a large degree and on overcast days the shop was darker than on clear sunny days. On the sunny days it took a higher temp to "see" the same color. Sunny days produced brittle receivers.

Most 1903's went through "clean and repair" at least one time if not more. The OP's a very nice looking RIA, it may have come from NRA or CMP back in the day.

Hard to but a price on this one, It's nice RIA with a armory replacement stock set. I think it could be in the $700-800 area, the wood is very crisp looking.
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