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Well I finally got to shoot my rifle today and had the opposite experience from the last time. (day started bad but, got better)

Let me start off by saying that I didnt change any of the ammo I used the first time. Brass cased Sellior & Bellot and Silver Bear both soft points.

First, I was late to the range (redoing kitchen and tile guy was late).
Get to the range and forgot cash. Go to the nearest gas station and after a total of @ $5.00 in fees I head back (my fault but, frustrating). Get to the range and it was packed (not a problem really but, I prefer less people).

So I set up at 50yds and load a mag of the S&B. First shot misses target entirely but, ejects case. Second, third, etc do the same ( this is me aiming every where way left, high and low all standing because it was busy and no sandbags were left). The 10th, and 11th rds cases didnt eject, switched to Silverbear and after the entire 20rds no problems except I couldnt hit anything,

Finally get to sit with the sandbags and still cant hit anything. So after about 3rds I finally adjusted the sight all the way to the left. First shot hit bullseye, second shot hit bullseye. I stood up and fired the rest of the mag (15 rds) and finished the rest of the S&B mag from earlier (9rds). All hit in the area of a paper plate.

Fired off two more mags of the Silverbear and two more of the S&B with no problems and all shots hit the target in the area of a paper plate. At this point the barrel was HOT so I stopped and finished the day shooting my XDM.
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